Dream Sleep Center is simply the best place in Southern Colorado for timely, accurate sleep studies.
Less Hospital, More Home
Rooms mimic the ambiance of an upscale hotel
Dream Sleep Center is residentially located to provide patients with an inviting, home-like feel. Rooms are appointed to mimic the furnishings in an upscale hotel. 
Sleep More Naturally
Measurement equipment is designed for freedom and comfort
Our state-of-the-art equipment allows patients more freedom of movement during the study. More freedom = better, more natural sleep = more accurate diagnosis. The air at our facility is also HEPA filtered and humidified for your comfort.
Quick Scheduling, Fast Results
Our systems are optimized to get your results fast
Patients can schedule and complete their sleep study in a short timeframe and study results are provided to the ordering physician within 48 hours of completion of the study.
Sleep studies available for all ages
Our pediatric rooms are furnished with a separate bed to allow parents to stay with their children during the study. We’ll even provide the nightlight!

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Ask Dr. Smith

Ask Dr. Smith

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How to prepare for your sleep study

We’ve put together a handy list of things you can do to properly prepare for your sleep study. Following these guidelines will ensure a restful and smooth sleep study experience.  more

What’s involved in a sleep study?

Sleep studies are tests that show your doctor what happens while you sleep. During a sleep study you’ll wear monitors that record body functions during your sleep including: brain activity, eye movement, blood levels, heart rate, breathing and body movement. more

Will it hurt?

Sleep studies are not painful at all. Those with sensitive skin may have slight discomfort from the adhesive used on the electrodes. People with sensitive skin or skin allergies should notify us prior to the study.